Swoon-Worthy Manly Mens Medium Length Hairstyles

Long gone was the time when men could only cut and style their hair short. Today, modern men can freely grow their hair out while being manly at the same time. If you are thinking of doing so, then this article will be a great one for you to read. Today, we will share some stunning manly mens medium length hairstyles you absolutely should never miss. And no, these hairstyles don’t require you to take long hours every morning in front of the mirror. They work fine even only in 10 minutes!

Medium length haircuts for men can create both laid back and finished look. Rock them with your suit or with your casual t-shirt and shorts, they will always do really fine. Try one of mens medium length hairstyles for thick hair here, which requires you only to blow drying your hair after you dry it. Don’t forget to lift hair at the rooms, directing it toward the back as you blow it dry. Use a spray gel to finish, and then run your fingers through your hair to smooth the look. It can work well as one of mens medium length hairstyles for thin hair too. Build thickness by applying styling gel while adding shine.

But if you prefer something not THAT long, you still have options for mens medium length hairstyles to try. What about slightly longer-than-short haircut with a dash of debonair? Just like the previous one, it looks great both in casual and formal occasion. Wear it back off the face for more casual occasion. As for your everyday casual look, leave the hair slightly messy.

One of mens medium length hairstyles straight hair here is truly simple to rock. Many male celebs have this one and they are often spotted rocking this hairstyle even in red carpet moments. This hairstyle is worn back behind the ears, thus creating a simple but finished look. The key is to apply pomade through hair first before combing it toward the back with a comb. Soften the comb lines by running fingers through your hair in the same direction.

Free-spirited African-American natural hairstyle can also make one of awesome mens medium length hairstyles. Look at Lenny Kravitz who seems to know what to do with his natural hair and decides to keep it longer rather than chopping short. Keeping the hair frizz-free is always important if your hair is naturally curly like this, thus always use hair serum that can also add shine and moisture.


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