Black Inspired Natural Braid Hairstyles for Formal and Informal Look

Perhaps you find that natural hair with kinks, coils and curls is awesome. It looks not easy to treat in certain designs and styles. But when it is completed with certain treatment, the result is really WOW. Natural braid hairstyles coming from Africa make the woman look sexy and cool. The designs are limitless and the trends are changing. For the up to date designs, here are some natural braid hairstyles pictures for you.

The simplest natural braid hairstyle is cornrow. It is so popular because of its interesting look but it only needs simple requirement. The hair can be simply braided and you can create some rows from the front hair to the back. It is simple and suitable for both formal and informal look. For more stylish look, cornrow can be applied for only the side part of the hair and combined with the natural hair on top without finishing.

One of the surprising natural braid hairstyles for short hair is the Mohawk for curly hair. Get the hair cut in Mohawk and then completed with braided hairs at the side and back. It looks really stylish that can’t be presented with the straight hair. Cornrows at side and curly at top are awesome. With some color additions, this braid hairstyle may look more captivating. Of course, it is only appropriate for informal occasion.

For the formal look, side updo hairstyle can present a bold statement. It looks beautiful with the braided hairs at the side ban back and a thick curly crown at the top. The fishtail fantasy is also another option of the formal natural braid hairstyles. It is categorized as side natural black hairstyles and looks so stunning. Neat look for the top hair and the hair is collected into a single part on the side and then braided. It must be perfect for a party!

Braids and twists are perfect to be collaborated. For the natural hairstyle, it will result a wonderful Goddess Twist. This requires long hair length. First, the hair should be braided to form a Mohawk style and then secure it. Create two buns with the long hair. If it the hair is not long enough, then add hair extension. The buns are created by twisting the hair and extension to look like a rope. For the finishing, holding sheen is needed for more elegant look. This style is included in the natural braid hairstyles for formal events.


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